Thesis Essay

(La Prenza Eco-Park)

The Renovation of La Prenza Dam

plus the Rehabilitation of Marilao Water

as a New Tourist Vacation spot

CARANDANG, Clarizze R.

CARREON, Ivory Went up B.

SOBRE JESUS, Arielle Kate A.

SAQUIBAL, Elijah Nike G.


La Prenza Dam, the main objective of this pitch, has been utilized as water sources for the that goes directly from hill range of Sierra Madre to support not only pertaining to the town of Marilao also for the adjacent towns of Bocaue and Sta. Karen. It has likewise served as a recreational and fishing internet site even to nearby commoners. A lot of stories of love had likewise happened through this place; nevertheless a lot of lives are also taken away because of the negligence inside their part. It is also the 1989 communal water sources system; is a check door to prevent water overflow coming from destroying rice crops inside the area.

It is also a mixture of a gravity-type dam and a spillway. Gravity dams are public works that are created to hold back water using only their particular weight. To get this done, they are built using considerable amounts of concrete floor, making them challenging and high-priced to build. A spillway can be described as section of a dam made to pass drinking water from the upstream side of the dam towards the downstream aspect. Many spillways have floodgates designed to control the flow through the spillway.

AВ damВ is a hurdle thatВ impoundsВ waterВ or subway streams. Public works generally serve the primary reason for retaining normal water, while different structures this sort of asВ floodgatesВ orВ leveesВ (also known asВ dikes) are accustomed to manage or prevent drinking water flow in specific land regions. HydropowerВ andВ pumped-storage hydroelectricityВ are frequently used in conjunction with public works to generate electrical power. A dam can also be used to collect water or perhaps for storage of water which can be distributed between spots.

Common purposes of Atteinte Construction

• Power Technology

Hydroelectric power is a major electrical source in the world. Many countries that have rivers with adequate water flow, that may be dammed intended for power generation purposes. For instance , the Itaipu Dam on the ParanГЎ Riv in South usa generates 16 GW and supplied 93% of the strength consumed by simply Paraguay and 20% of this consumed by Brazil since 2005.

• Water supply

Many urban areas of the world are supplied with water introspective from waterways pent up lurking behind low atteinte or weirs. Examples include Birmingham – with water from the River Thames and Chester with normal water taken from the River Dee. Other major sources include deep upland reservoirs covered by excessive dams around deep miles such as the Claerwen series of public works and reservoirs.

• Support water flow/irrigation

Public works are often used to control and strengthen water flow, often pertaining to agricultural functions and water sources. Others like the Berg Strait dam can help to stabilize or perhaps restore the water levels of away from the coast lakes and seas, in cases like this the Aral Sea.

• Flood avoidance

Dams such as the Blackwater Atteinte of Webster, New Hampshire and the Delta Works are created with overflow control in mind.

• Property reclamation

Public works (often named dykes or levees through this context) are used to prevent ingress of drinking water to an location that would otherwise be immersed, allowing its reclamation to get human use.

• Drinking water diversion

A typically small dam used to change water pertaining to irrigation, electricity generation, or other uses, with usually no various other function. Sometimes, they are utilized to divert normal water to another draining or reservoir to increase circulation there and improve normal water use in that particular area.

• Navigation

Dams make deep reservoirs and can also vary the flow of water downstream. This can in return affect upstream and downstream navigation by altering the river's interesting depth. Deeper normal water increases or perhaps creates independence of movement intended for water vessels. Significant dams may serve this purpose...

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