Misperceptions of the Poor in Cultural Work

 Misperceptions in the Poor in Social Work Essay

Misperceptions with the Poor in Social Job

Elizabeth Mcdermott

Sociology one hundred ten: Introduction to Cultural Work

Teacher TBA

several, June, 2013

Misperceptions of the Poor in Sociable Work

Misperceptions of the poor impede powerful social work. A common frame of mind is the poor lack inspiration. (Dubois & Miley, 2008) This frame of mind stems from inserting blaming individuals for their poverty. (Dubois & Miley, 2008) Policy practice in social work " advocate(s) intended for social actions. ” (Social Work & Social Plan, Slide 4) Blaming individuals for lower income can lead to a social employee focusing on performing for a customer rather than assisting change.

Blaming individuals ignores societal highlights of poverty. Dubois & Miley state (2008) " … inadequacies in … contemporary society create the conditions that create poverty. ” Factual facts refutes poor people lack motivation. (Dubois & Miley, 2008) Their solid work ethic causes them to be cling to careers below poverty level. (Dubois & Miley, 2008) Underemployment is common. (Dubois & Miley, 2008) Structures like the corporation of the overall economy play a role in poverty. (Dubois & Miley, 2008). Cultural workers must advocate intended for social actions. They are facilitators of alter. In her handbook pertaining to facilitators, Prendiville (2008) says, " through facilitation, group members come to value and develop their own knowledge and abilities. ” Clients must be section of the solution, not only a problem to become dealt with. A social staff member must find beyond blaming the poor if they are to aid and not simply do something about the poor. Being a population, the poor do not lack motivation. The structures of society may play a role in creating the conditions creating poverty. Insurance plan practice needs advocacy to get social actions. Society is more than the sum of the people who comprise that.

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