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Maria Montessori

Julianne Perry

ECE101: Summary of Early The child years Education

Monica Kelly

06 13, 2011

Thesis: Nancy Montessori's way of learning is extremely unique; her theory was for children learn in a all-natural and parent-supported environment. Outline

I. Education of Montessori

1 . Initially woman to get a Medical Degree in Italy

A. Studied psychiatry, education and anthropology.

N. Worked, published and spoke for children with special requirements

2 . Various schools utilize Montessori Approach to teach today

A. Rules of the Montessori Method

B. Planes of Development

II. Learning Style

1 . Independence

A. Children operate individually rather than in-group actions

B. Kids have more flexibility and am employed at their own rate

2 . Good Parent Involvement

A. Father and mother participate in their child's activities home faraway from school

N. Parent education programs

3. Schools Today

1 . Teachers syllabus

A. Independent assignments for children and programs for parent engagement

B. Children work on nearly anything they want, in their own speed

Montessori's teaching is unique than traditional lessons mainly because her lessons are more regarding parent engagement and style rather than group activity. This kind of paper displays how Montessori inspires me personally and how my personal classroom will compare to hers. Maria Montessori is a very intelligent woman, for me. By studying a time-line about her and learning more and more regarding her, I realize her learning style. " Maria Montessori believed that every child is born with a exceptional potential to be revealed, rather than as a ‘blank slate' waiting around to be drafted upon. " (Webmaster, 2011). Maria grew up during the time when a woman could either choose to be a teacher or a deshalb. The look of the classrooms disappointed Maria; we were holding stringent and repressive. " As an elementary school student Montessori blossomed. She was average in intelligence, although good at exams, and the lady led her classmates in many games. Your woman found the classroom set-up and reps very boring, yet the girl learned. In order to came time to leave grammar school she were required to ask her parents in the event that she can continue. Women in her time are not encouraged to obtain more than an elementary school education. " (Notable Biographies, 2011). Maria was striving to stay her education. She at some point did return to school to examine engineering after attending classic school. " Montessori very little felt the fact that crucial element was finding out how to be a good observer of children, learning to assume, speculate suppose, imagine and intuit what children need, at general and since unique individuals, in order to develop to their fullest potential. " (MontessoriLive. net, 2005). When teaching pupils with exceptional needs, in a Montessori college, for example , a kid with Autism has disability in one of the subsequent areas: Connection, socialization and imagination. In a prepared environment, children on the Montessori college can experience welcome and stability in the classroom for children with special requirements. Materials in Montessori universities provide children with hands-on learning and stimulations. " Because the Montessori curriculum is by its characteristics, inclusive, the kid with autism should truly feel safe and secure inside the Montessori environment. It is the best place to master and produced at his own tempo. ” (Irinyi, 2008). The training style of Montessori is very similar to my eyesight of a class I can teach one day. Kids need to learn automatically. Especially in a young era; they explore and we can easily see things that interest all of them rather than forcing interest in certain lessons. I'm a very " green" person and in natural raising a child. " Parents should realize that a Montessori school is definitely neither a baby-sitting support nor a play college. Rather it is just a unique circuit of learning designed to satisfy the natural advancement the child. These children who have learn the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic in this normal...

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