History of Jute Industries

 History of Jute Industries Essay

Chapter one particular: Introduction

1 . Introduction

Jute can be described as natural fiber with gold and smooth shine and is known well as The Glowing Fiber. It's the cheapest veggie fiber procured from the pores and skin of the plant's stem. Jute is the second most important veg fiber after cotton, when it comes to usage, global consumption, development, and supply. It has large tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breath capacity of fabrics.

Jute fibers is totally bio-degradable and recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. В It is one of the most versatile natural fibers that have been used in unprocessed trash for product packaging, textiles, non-textile, construction, and agricultural groups. It helps for making best quality commercial yarn, cloth, net, and sacks. В

Jute, the golden fiber, is a raw materials for one ofВ Bangladesh's oldest industries. The initial jute generator started development in Bengal in 1856. After more than one hundred and fifty years; the jute sector is now challenged by competition from option materials, by the recession in the international marketplaces and by low awareness among consumers of the versatile, earth-friendly nature of jute cloth itself. Yet this sector still provides a livelihood to more than two hundred and fifty, 000 work workers plus more than some million farmers' families. This can be a golden connection with the The planet; its 2 a statement regarding ecological awareness as it is a completely bio-degradable and eco-friendly fibers. It comes from your earth, it assists the earth and once its life is done that merges into the earth.

Advantages of jute include great insulating and antistatic real estate, as well as having low energy conductivity and moderate moisture regain. It includes acoustic insulation properties and manufacture with no skin agitation. Jute has the capacity to be blended with other fibres, both man made and natural, and accepts cellulosic color classes such as natural, fundamental, vat, sulfur, reactive, and pigment inorganic dyes. While jute is being replaced by fairly cheap man made materials in many uses, butВ jute's biodegradable nature is suitable for the storage of food supplies, where synthetics would be unsuitable.

1 . Record Background

One of the inevitable aspects of modern business studies is contact with the functional experiences. As a part of the BBA program requirement, I was given by my personal honorable program instructor Prof. Dr . Nargis Akhter to arrange a Project Work with " The History of Jute Industries” to fulfill the requirement of several credit training course, Course Code: BUS 498. It endowed me with the opportunities to go through the real life exposure to the Jute sectors of Bangladesh.

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In order to put together the job report I use both extra and primary data. For main data We talked to a few employees of BJMC and BJMA above phone and face to face. My spouse and i also crosschecked the information identified over the internet by some people. For secondary info, I applied the great knowledge of net, the websites of various research businesses, different news websites and different article found in the internet.

several. Scope & Limitations

For this report, I employed graphs, chart, tables etc to show necessary information. Firstly, the history of jute industry in the Of india subcontinent continues to be described elaborately. The history is usually divided into four parts such as, Ancient Period, Pre-colonial period, post colonial period, after nationalization. The availability, sales, contribution of jute industries in Bangladeshi economy, present state, labor unrest, industrial relationships situations and so forth are reviewed afterwards. Finally I have summarize by some recommendations and showing my findings and analysis.

Chapter 2: Books Review

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The daily news titled " Jute Production Sector of Bangladesh; Issues, Opportunities and Policy Options”, written...

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