Health Analysis

 Essay upon Health Assessment

Personal Health Assessment Paper

Roger Laskin


Feb 28, 2011

The term wellness is comparatively new and it discusses the optimal wellness that a person has. The word wellness involves more than just physical health of a person. Relating to an individual, well being deals with six dimensions of health; physical, spiritual, mental, social, mental, and environmental ( Insel & Roth, 2006). Well being happens when good choices are made about a person living their everyday lives. The objective of this conventional paper is to discover three from the six sizes of well being that are most powerful and also some of those six this provides the weakest and needs several improvement. Additionally , this newspaper will also discuss a person's decisions and practices that can be designed to improve on personal health and discuss what needs to be learned in the course to assist in a healthier lifestyle.

Social, spiritual, and mental are 3 of the 6 dimensions of private health that I identify with dealing with the strengths of my personal health. Developing up as a teenager, religion provides always performed a major portion in my life. Religious beliefs motivates and aids me in staying spiritually with each other. An individual can always be religious and in the same symbol be weak spiritually. Personally i think my faith keeps me strong. The value of being a spiritual person is having honnete and selected values giving meaning on your life and your ability intended for compassion, forgiveness and love. A couple years ago, the mental part of personal health for me was a little weak. Nevertheless I subsequently, set various goals to get myself and concluded I needed to attend college to better my personal education. I had been never partial to school and found it a lttle bit redundant to attend everyday to go over the same tips. I now have the foresight i need to know what it takes to get exactly where I want to maintain life. I am getting close to my aim one course at a time which in turn brings myself closer to achieving my Bachelors of Research in...

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