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January, 2012

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Dr . Robert D. Hurt

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Dr . Robert T. Hurt, Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona, [email protected] edu Case IDENTIFICATION: 030103

Worldwide Research Log of Utilized Finance

January, 2012

ISSN 2229 – 6891

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This case research discusses a proper case of attempted asset misappropriation within an organization dedicated to training and development activities. The names with the parties engaged have been hidden; likewise, the dollar portions. A department manager attemptedto change staff work assignments and teaching opportunities agreed to clients so that you can maximize wages earned by simply employees although potentially decreasing organizational revenue significantly. Pupils have the opportunity to: (a) analyze the situation through the contact lens of the Affiliation of Authorized Fraud Examiners taxonomy of occupational scam and mistreatment, (b) discuss the moral issues increased by the circumstance and (c) conduct a sensitivity examination of costs, revenues and profits. Circumstance description

This case study consists of a classic organization problem in businesses: a supervisor attempting to increase personal income for employees in the expense in the organization's total profitability. College students would take advantage of some qualifications in cost-volume-profit analysis ahead of using the case; they are also required to use the Connection of Certified Fraud Examiners taxonomy of occupational fraud and abuse ( and their code of ethics. Integrity codes of other accounting organizations (such as the Institute of Management Accountants) may also provide a useful conditional lens...

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