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 All Burned out Essay

58PsychSim your five: All Stressed Out

PsychSim five: ALL BURNED OUT

Name: Dorothy BalesSection: ________________________

Date: 2-11-13

This kind of activity examines the way that psychologists conceptualize stress, emphasizing that anxiety is a biopsycho-social process. You will explore the sources of tension in your own your life, review your human body's response to anxiety, and then find out how cognitive evaluation dramatically influences how much tension you actually encounter.

Checking the Amount of Stress inside your Life

• What was your " Stress Test” rating? _______30_____

• Do you think that such a test effectively captures your experience? That which stressors ought to be included?

I do not really feel that this rates sufficient on some aspects that are heavily weighing on a person's chest. I do think they should put an area for private responsibilities and problems with kids.

Stress, Causes, and Dealing

• Psychologists differentiate stressors, strain, and stress. Exactly what does each of these conditions mean?

Stressors- a event, scenario, or other demand that triggers coping changes in a person. Strain- the end result of stress such as loss of sleep, severe headaches, and insufficient concentration. Stress- the process by which we see and react to a certain event that we appraise as harmful or demanding.

The General Adaptation Syndrome

• Describe Selye's general variation syndrome.

The moment something happens that requires your body from its unique homeostasis express, into dread or craze, and then in exhaustion.

The Biology of Stress

• Although both males and females experience the fight-or-flight syndrome, some scientists believe women also can experience anxiety...

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