Argumentative essay is a kind of a composed text or a genre, which is used to teach students to put forward arguments and defend their view and position on the matter.

The word argument in terms of an essay is the research of a certain topic after determining its key issues through the elaboration of thoughts, which are backed up by evidence from relevant sources.

How to write an argumentative essay: organization

Before getting to the writing you have to read a lot of critical and non-fictional literature. Critical reading means understanding, questioning, and assessment of the material. Scientific references to other authors will only reinforce the arguments put forward by the student. Data, information, and quotes collected during the preparation become significant only when they sequentially and logically interweave with the argument.

The structure of an argument essay:

  1. A concise statement of the thesis that has to be present in the first section. The matter of the essay’s subject should be set in the first section by giving consideration to the topic in general. A student has to give explanation why the theme is significant and why it should be of a matter for readers. Then the thesis must be presented. It should be narrowed to consist with the guidelines set in the task. If the thesis composed wrong, it will be hard to compose a persuasive essay.
  2. Logical conversions between the main parts of the work (intro, body, and conclusion). Conversions hold the base of the work together. The lack of logical thought will make it hard for the audience to trace the argument, thus the structure will be ruined. Transitions should sum up the notion from the antecedent section and present the idea for the next one.
  3. Body paragraphs with the evidence. One general idea should be present in each paragraph. This will simplify the reading for the audience. Every body’s paragraph should be logically linked to the thesis. The sections should back up the statement with proof. Explanation as for why and how the proof backs up the statement is very important. However the essay should also display a different opinion on the matter. Depending how long the assignment, you should devote two or three sections to the consideration of different views.
  4. Evidence. When you ask how to write an argumentative essay in order for it to be professional, remember that well-researched, accurate, and current information that backs up the statement of thesis can help you reach this goal. The thesis has to be backed up with the relevant proof, which can be of various types (logical, anecdotal, factual, or statistical).
  5. Conclusion, which readdresses the thesis. Conclusion must be effective as it leaves the instantaneous impression on the audience. Don’t include any new facts here; rather generalize the data described in the body. Emphasize again the significance of the theme and browse the main elements along with the thesis.

Importance of an argument in the composition of an essay

The process of elaboration a distinct and solid argument helps the author in their formation as a thinker and critic. This is because written argumentation promotes mental abilities: organizing ideas, structuring the material, assessment of the facts, compliance with the logical sequence, and clear expression.

Essay made of five paragraphs

Approach of five paragraphs is a great method to compose an argumentative essay. This method indeed consists of five paragraphs: intro, three sections in the body, and summary.

Composing longer argumentative essays

Difficult issues and thorough study should be examined in essays of a bigger size that require more than just five paragraphs. Students seeking materials on how to write an argumentative essay discussing a row of research sources should include in their work discussions on the topic, information sources, and their reliability.

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